Hills Fresh

Shop 3, 7110 Great Eastern Highway
Mundaring, WA 6073
T  (08) 9295 2700
F  (08) 9295 1865 W
Opening hours

Hills Fresh is a quality fresh produce shop on Great Eastern Highway in Mundaring.

The owners are Brad, Kath, Matthew and Emily Hayden. Hills Fresh is a family-owned business with a commitment to quality and service at the best price.

Brad is at the wholesale market everyday selecting the fresh produce for the customers. Brad will only buy produce that he knows tastes good.

The Hayden Family take great pride of their store and work tirelessly to ensure that it is at all times pristine clean and plentifully stocked.

Hill Fresh product lines include not only fresh and local fruit and vegetables but also organic produce, gourmet and continental foods and loads of delicious sweets, snacks, cheeses and cold drinks.