Pisum sativum




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It is not the easiest thing in the world to get fresh green peas, as frozen peas are so convenient and easily available. However, it is well worth the search as there is nothing like the taste of a freshly shelled pea. Luckily we also have sugar snap peas and snow peas readily available, which have edible pods making them a great source of fibre and nutrients.

Peas also play an important part in the environment as they are able to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere and following harvest increase the amount of available nitrogen in the soil for the next crop, reducing the reliance on fertilisers. Not only are they good for us, they are good for the planet!

Fresh peas are generally only available in October and November, while Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas are grown in WA throughout the year. WA supply is limited during the cold months of July and August and is often bought in from the Eastern States during these months.

Look for bright fresh peas, with no splits or cracks. You know peas are fresh when their pods are firm and green, so avoid any that are yellowing or wilting.

Store them in a plastic bag in the fridge, and use within a few days.

The best way to store peas is to freeze them.

Wash and trim the ends of snow peas and sugar snap peas, the whole pod can be eaten.

Garden peas need to be shelled, the pods on garden peas are not edible, once prepared they take very little time at all to cook and are great steamed or in stir-frys.