Feijoa sellowiana




March, April, May, June


Originally from Brazil, the Feijoa is a warm temperate to sub-tropical fruit, which is sometimes called a pineapple guava. Feijoa are a small sized, green skinned fruit.

The Feijoa tastes like a tropical fruit salad, a little bit of everything, although many people say it does actually taste like a pineapple. It has a firm texture on the outside which dissolves into a jelly like texture on the inside.
Feijoa are grown in the south west of WA from March to May and imported from New Zealand from April to June.

Feijoa turn from a dark green to a slightly lighter shade of green when ripe.

Feijoa can be kept at room temperature while ripening and then store in the fridge

Feijoas can be washed, sliced and cubed and make an unusual addition to fruit salads and desserts.

They can also be cut in half, and scoop the flesh out with a spoon as you would a kiwifruit.