Comice Pear

Comice is a pale green pear with a red blush, very juicy and slightly rounder than the normal Bartlett, closely related to the nashi pear, picked in March.

Nashi Pear

Round in shape with light yellow skin (that turns to a deeper yellow as fruit ripens) these are crisp, juicy, crunchy and tangy in flavour.


Pluots are a cross between a plum and an apricot to make an amazing flavor burst that just have to be tried! Common varieties of pluots in WA include Dapple Dandy and Flavour Fall.

Red Sensation Pear

This ruby-coloured has a high  sugar content, makign it a perfect dessert pear. Lends well to eating fresh, or for canning.

Corella Pear

Corella Pears can be enjoyed when ripe and soft, or when slightly under ripe and crunchy.

These pears are versatile, and can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Buerre Bosc Pear

A medium sized long, elegant pear with cinnamon russet skin. Tender, sweet, juicy with melting flesh. One of the best pears for cooking – For best results when cooking, choose fruit that is slightly under ripe.

Bartlett or William Pear

Known as either Bartlett or Williams – These have a smooth juicy white flesh and are beautifully sweet. The colour changes from bright green to intense yellow when ripe.

Packham Pear

Packham pears are an Australian variety of the European Pyrus communis.

Medium to large in size, its white flesh is firm but juicy and rich in flavour. When ripe, the colour mellows to a lighter shade of green.